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Coach – Teacher – Speaker – Motivator – Leader

  • Robyn M. Austin, M.Ed.Robyn M. Austin, M.Ed.Board of Governors – Arizona State Bar Association

    True Colors is an effective personal assessment tool, and Bob Logan is the perfect consultant to facilitate your company’s True Colors’ Experience.  As a former True Colors’ trainer, I can speak confidently of Bob’s ability to use True Colors to lead your employees to increased self-awareness, as they gain more respect and trust for colleagues, and increase teamwork and collaboration. Bob’s high-energy presentation style easily adapts to any industry, and his engaging personality combined with his extensive business-world experience will leave a lasting and positive imprint on your company’s professional development initiatives.

  • Diana PollackDiana PollackCanyon Ranch Special Events Manager

    Every time Bob Logan speaks for us at Canyon Ranch, I receive an astonishing number of positive surveys from guests with rave reviews. His lectures are touching, enjoyable and meaningful. Bob has definitely changed some of our guests lives.

  • Mark C. IrvinMark C. IrvinMark Irvin Commercial Real Estate Services, LLC

    What I like the best about Bob is that he listens and fully understands the goal before uses his broad knowledge and abilities to effect solutions.  Once he is focused on the goal he is unstoppable and has an uncanny way he is able to connect with so many diverse personalities.  He has that “it” quality and a great guy to have on your team if you want to move mountains.

  • Jacquie BucherJacquie BucherVice President – Roche Molecular Solutions

    Bob is a master storyteller and real deal motivational speaker. Drawing from his impressive background and life lessons as a coach and successful business leader, he offers a genuine approach that immediately engages and inspires teams. As a business partner, he is laser focused on ensuring his client’s needs are well understood and offers powerful suggestions to ensure sustainable results. Strongly recommend his services.

  • Diana PollackDiana PollackCanyon Ranch Special Events Manager

    Bob Logan is truly a standout when it comes to speaking to our Canyon Ranch guests.  One specifically said, ‘I’ve been coming to Canyon Ranch for 20 years and Bob’s lecture was the BEST I’ve ever experienced.’

  • Mark MistlerMark MistlerPresident and CEO – BBVA Compass Bank

    The message that Bob is delivering is one of teamwork and working towards a common goal. Bob has that unique ability to connect with all different types of people. I have been at his talks where one moment people will have tears in their eyes and the next moment he can have them all laughing.

  • Ryan HansenRyan HansenPresident, Chief Operating Officer Bon Voyage Travel

    I have known Bob for close to 25 years.  Whether it be professional engagements, charitable events, or personal interactions, Bob embodies a positive energy that is endearing and infectious.  I have personally witnessed Bob emcee events as well as host small groups for dinner functions and can attest to the authentic delivery of his message and genuine nature of his personality.

  • Kay SullivanKay SullivanPresident – Salpointe Catholic High School

    Bob Logan is the penultimate people person, a most engaging story teller, a highly energetic presenter and a loyal friend for life. He is the kind of guy you want to meet for a beer after the game: comfortable, non-judgmental, welcoming, fun! He wears (and shares) his passion for life! Bob’s depth of gratitude is contagious as he inspires others to become their best selves.

  • John HumenikJohn HumenikPresident and Publisher – Wisconsin State Journal

    Bob is not “another one of those consultants” we often hear about. Bob brings together his knowledge base of a lifetime of working with high performing athletes to high performing business leaders and brings this to your own team and helps you understand who you are and what your team is about. Bob does not bring you goals, he helps you discover and understand better the goals you are already working on.

  • John LewisJohn LewisPresident and CEO – Commerce Bank of Arizona

    Maybe if your company is a little flat in your sales and your growth and team motivation, you find a huge surge of energy after you have left his presentation.

  • Cheryl TomoedaCheryl TomoedaSenior Director of Development, College of Science, The University of Arizona

    Bob connects with people in a way that few others can. He draws upon his wide-ranging experiences as a coach, educator, and business and academic leader to inspire people to transcend preconceived limits, explore new paths, or discover simple changes to a happier life. You’ll find that Bob literally walks the walk. His presentations are powerful and engaging and will energize your team towards personal and professional success.

  • Diana PollackDiana PollackCanyon Ranch Special Events Manager

    We are so fortunate to have Bob Logan as one of our speakers here at the Ranch.  He gives so much more than a keynote presentation.  He is knowledgeable, passionate, and most important, his presentations are impactful.


Sacrifice and Satisfaction

Length of talk – 25 mins; 50 mins or 75 mins

How Walking 500 Miles Changes You

The Camino de Santiago is a 500-mile pilgrimage. Annually, over 250,000 people from all over the world take on this 5-6 week experience.


Length of talk – 50 mins or 75 mins

Why Is It So Elusive?

This highly engaging and fun talk focuses on 8 scientifically proven techniques that, if followed, are guaranteed to bring happiness into one’s life.

A Fork in the Road

Length of talk – 50 mins

How Does One Choose Which Way to Go?

This talk will help you learn how to recognize your own challenging “forks in the road” and how to best decide what to do.

True Colors

Length of talk – 75 min intro program; 2 hour or 4 hour full programs

Understanding Yourself Better will Help You Understand Others

True Colors® is an easy to understand, easy to remember temperament/personality model that helps people of all ages increase their personal performance.


Motivational Speaker

Bob Logan provides insights on how to push your own boundaries and approach life from a totally different perspective. He works with your team to truly understand the balancing act of life and feel empowered to live in a dramatically different way.