Bob Logan

Coach – Teacher – Speaker – Motivator – Leader

Bob Logan has lived an incredibly varied life, rooted in strict military family values. Logan learned early on that change can actually be a good thing. He embraced change as a youth, attending seven schools in twelve years as the son of an Air Force fighter pilot.

Originally, he planned to become a fighter pilot like his dad, attending the U.S. Air Force Academy. He went on to complete his MBA in Management at the Eller College of the University of Arizona.

What followed was an incredible career that included teaching high school history; a corporate management stint with AT&T; coaching Division I football at the UA and as the head coach of the Bologna Doves in the Italian-American football league! He spent the bulk of his career at the University of Arizona as an Assistant Dean and Associate Athletics Director, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for the College of Science and the Athletic Department. Some of the largest gifts in the history of the University of Arizona are the result of Bob Logan’s work.

Now a highly sought after motivational speaker and author, Bob Logan speaks to audiences from all industries about the value of perspective. After walking the iconic 500-mile Camino de Santiago on three occasions, Logan learned first-hand how to step back and look at life differently.

Understanding what is most important in life and how to reprioritize your family, faith and friends while not sacrificing your work is a skill everyone needs to hear. In 2023, Logan documented these lessons in his award winning book, “Let Your Path Find You.”

Logan believes in a life worth living and how one must strive to find their “why” and purpose. Come along and join Bob Logan on his inspirational journey.

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