True Colors®

“Understanding Yourself Better will Help You Understand Others”

We all go through our daily activities dealing with many types of personalities. From the spouse/partner we know all too well, to the clerk at the dry cleaner or at the supermarket. Then we get into the more difficult personality situations – dealing with a difficult boss or customer, the business manager reviewing our budgets and expenses, the free wheeling sales person who refuses to follow the rules, and on and on.

True Colors® is an easy to understand, easy to remember temperament/personality model that helps people of all ages increase their personal performance.  The use of this model will help increase understanding of yourself and others as well as improve communication.  True Colors® also helps create a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and synergy.  For nearly 40 years we have helped improve and enhance the performance of some of the world’s most successful organizations.

Bob Logan is a certified facilitator of the True Colors® personality assessment tool. In a fun and engaging way, he brings along his audience to look very deeply into understanding themselves first, and then learn about how to understand others better. It is an enlightening program that can be applied in the corporate setting, the family setting and to individuals and their personal lives. In a nutshell, you are a better person by virtue of being a part of the True Colors® program.

“Successful people know who they are and what their True Colors are… when you know what your core values and needs are and feel good about them, you can perform at your highest potential in every area of life. And when you share a working, mutual understanding of other’ core values and needs, you have the basis to communicate, motivate, and achieve common goals with utmost dignity, efficacy, and mutual respect.”

Don Lowry, creator of True Colors.

Length of talk –75 min intro program; 2 hour or 4 hour full programs

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