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Biosphere 2

Bob Logan has spent nearly 30 years as a University of Arizona senior executive, the last iteration as Assistant Dean for the UA College of Science.  Part of his duties included facilitating some of the largest gifts ever to the university, and the signature gift was Biosphere 2 back in 2008.

Biosphere 2 is truly one of the iconic man-made wonders of the world and the University of Arizona College of Science now uses it as a environmental research laboratory.  How does this help you and your company?  The facility is still one of the leading tourist attractions in the State of Arizona and it includes a village of 28 casitas (103 person capacity) where you and your team could have an incredible off-site retreat.  

Bob Logan would be happy to facilitate a conversation about your organization coming to the Biosphere 2 for a retreat or team building activity.  Feel free to reach out for more information.

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