Happiness – Why is it so elusive

Keynote Talk

The Pursuit of Happiness: Eight Scientifically Proven Techniques

Bob Logan has worked in the College of Science for the past 18 years and has discovered that surprisingly, many people are just not happy with the current status of their lives or their prospects for the future. Clearly, the stresses of work, marriage, children, material gain, etc. etc. put many people on the never ending treadmill of trying to attain happiness. Intrigued by this phenomenon, Logan embarked on a scientific journey to answer this question on the pursuit of Happiness. What he discovered was over 17,000 peer-reviewed studies on happiness from the scientific community.

This highly engaging and fun talk focuses on 8 scientifically proven techniques that, if followed, are guaranteed to bring happiness into one’s life. Depending on the size of the group, the attendees will work together on joint happiness projects and will come away feeling better about themselves and the simple changes they need to make in their lives to obtain a happier life.

Length of talk – 50 mins or 75 mins

Scientifically Proven Techniques to Bring Happiness

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